Discovery Kit

Discovery Kit

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UPDATE: We are have limited Discovery Kits each month - please check back for our next release

Not sure which scent is right for you? Discovery Kit is the perfect way to explore our scents and find your favourites without breaking the bank! Each kit contains 4 tea light candles in the scents of your choice, please let us know your selections on checkout page.

Size: 0.5 oz each

Burn time: 3-4 hours each 

Available scents (choose 4):

  • Borneo Oudh (agarwood, leather, elemi)
  • Tropical Sunrise (lime, citronella, geranium)
  • Midnight Breeze (bergamot, leather, musk)
  • Love Potion (grape, neroli, jasmine)
  • Nectarine Rosé (passionfruit, guava, champagne)
  • Santan Cabin (coconut, vanilla, musk)
Kindly note pre-orders are made to order and will be shipped out between 7-10 working days.
Our tea light candles are a fraction of our full sized candles will not throw scent as much. They are for sampling only & are best tested in small spaces such as a bathroom or desk area.
  • 100% natural soy wax with phthalate-free fine fragrance & essential oil blends and lead-free cotton wicks
  • Free from paraffin, dyes and synthetic additives
  • Vegan-friendly + cruelty-free

Customer Reviews

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I am newly to the world of scented candle and so I tried by purchasing the Discovery Kit first. Initially I wanna try the Borneo Oudh, Love Potion, Nectarine Rose, and Santan Cabin (but they changed it to Tropical Sunrise but I won't mind it tbh). And I LOVE EM ALL, I can't even choose one!!! Definitely will try the big size of the scented candle next time 😍. The smells really wrap around me and suggest the feelings of coziness and relaxness. Keep up the work, BCS!

Borneo Candle Studio - all time favourite

I can finally say I've tried almost all of your candles after this discovery kit and I love them all! Personal favourites would be Nectarine Rosé, Love Potion & Santan Cabin 😍

It makes scents!

Found the scents that I liked! Will buy the large jars!

Choose your fav scented candle

Love it 👍