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Olfactory Fatigue - is it normal?

"HELP! I can't seem to pick up some scents from my favourite candle"

This is totally normal - your nose is not broken! It's the same as when you use the same perfume daily that you find unnoticeable until someone tells you how good you smell, it's olfactory fatigue. 

So what exactly is 'olfactory fatigue'? 

It's also called nose-blindness where your sense of smell is temporarily unable to pickup certain scents. 

How does it happen?

Olfactory receptors (in your nose) detects different scent molecules by binding to it and sending signals to your brain. Over a long period of time, these receptors would be desensitised from detecting the same scents. 

What can I do to fix/prevent this?

We say the best fix and prevention is to keep a few different scents on rotation! Once you notice your favourite candle are not as obvious, switch it up with another scent before coming back to you it again. 

Depending on your preferred scent family, you can pick up another scent in the same category or even experiment with others!  

Floral/fruity : Love Potion, Nectarine Rosé

Woody/masculine : Borneo Oudh, Midnight Breeze

Fresh : Fresh Day, Tropical Sunrise

Cozy/gourmand : Sunday Morning, Santan Cabin

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